Head of Institute

Prof. Yosef Yeshurun

bldg. 202 (physics) room 420
Fields of Interest

Condensed matter physics; Magnetism; Superconductivity

Reception Hours
by appointment




    Name:                                      Yosef Yeshurun

    Educational Background:         B.Sc.    - Physics, Tel-Aviv University, 1971

                                                    M.Sc.   - Physics, Bar-Ilan University,  1974

                                                    Ph.D.   - Physics, Bar-Ilan University,  1978


    Faculty Positions at the                        1982 - 1986     Senior Lecturer

    Department of Physics,                        1986 - 1989     Associate Professor

    Bar-Ilan University:                 1989                Professor

                                                    1988 - 1991     Chairman

    Special Appointments              1992 - 2000     Rector's Advisor on Immigrant Absorption

    at Bar-Ilan University:             1994 - 1996    Rector's Advisor on Student Matters

                                                    1995 - 1996                 Dean of the Students

                                                    2000 - 2002     Vice Rector

                                                    2002 - 2006     Rector

    Post-doctoral and

    Sabbatical Positions:                1978 - 1979     Research Associate, Racah Institute of                                                                                                 Physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

                                                    1979 - 1981     Research Associate, Department of                                                                                         Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana.

                                                    1987 - 1988     Visiting Scientist, IBM Laboratories,                                                                                        Yorktown Heights, New York.

                                                    2008                  Visiting Scientist

                                                                                          Imperial College, London, UK

    2008-2009        Visiting Scientist

                                                                                         New York University and City College, NY, USA


    Special Appointments:             1989 - 1994     Member of the National Steering                                                                                            Committee on Superconductivity

                                                    1993 - 1996    Member of the National Council for                                                                                         Higher Education

                                                    1994 - 1996    Member of the Israeli-French Bi-National

    Foundation (AFIRST)

                                                    1995 - 1998    Member of the National Council for Research

    and Development

                                                    2011                Fellow of the American Physical Society



    Prof. Yosef Yeshurun, Director of the Superconductivity Institute and Head of the Center for Magnetic Measurements, completed his university education in Israel, continued with advanced post-doctoral research at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and returned to Bar-Ilan University as a tenured member at the Department of Physics. In this Department he set up a unique laboratory for magnetic measurements, undertaking a range of experimental solid-state research studies in a number of fields, such as one-dimensional organic conductors, spin glasses, amorphous metals and superconductors.


    Prof. Yeshurun supervised more than 40 research students and published ~300 articles in peered reviewed journals. He has had close scientific ties with universities and research institutes in Israel and throughout the U.S.A., France, Germany, Denmark, and Japan. He spent sabbatical years at IBM research laboratories at Yorktown Heights, Imperial College, London, New York University (NYU) and City College of New York (CCNY). He also was a visiting professor for shorter period of times at research institutes in Denmark, France, UK and USA, where he was also appointed Fellow of the American Physical Society. Recently, he was also appointed Fellow of the Israel Physical Society.  His research activities in Israel and abroad are sponsored by national and international research foundations.


    Prof. Yeshurun has served in many capacities at Bar-Ilan University, including Head of the Department of Physics, Dean of Students, Vice-Rector and Rector of the University. He also served as a Rector of Orot-Israel College in Elkana and was an active member of Israeli national bodies such as  the National Research and Development Council, the National Steering Committee for Superconductivity and the National Steering Committees for the Absorption of Immigrant Scientists. He also was the Chairman of the International Advisory Board (IAB) for Academic Freedom which he established at Bar-Ilan University on April 2005.




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    Superconducting hybrid device: electromagnetic energy storage, current limiting and magnetic separation
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    A method and a converter topology for simultaneous charge/ discharge
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    The design and construction of temperature sensors to avoid errors due to self-cooling
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