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מר גרגורי לוקובסקי


    Mechanisms for electric field evolution  in Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10-δ and YBa2Cu3O7- δ tape in a response to AC magnetic field


    Time dependent electric field and E-I curves in Bi-2223 tapes carrying DC currents and exposed to perpendicular AC magnetic fields Paper

    A Friedman, G Lukovsky, V Roitberg, Y Wolfus, F Kopansky, B Kalisky and  Y Yeshurun

     Journal of Physics: Conference Series 43 (2006) 572–575

     Energy loss and regimes of flux dynamics in Bscco tapes above the engineering critical current  
    G. Lukovsky, A. Friedman, Y. Wolfus, L. Burlachkov and Y.Yeshurun
    IEEE Transaction on Applied Superconductivity 17, 3137 (2007).

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